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Get 1 Week FREE Assessment Class

 These classes are designed to assess your child's strength and uncover any hidden psychological roadblocks that may be hindering their natural growth path. And of course, give you a hands-on experience of our program risk-free as it comes with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Disclaimer: Spots for the Skills Assessment Class are obviously limited and are first come first serve. so click the big "Claim My Bonus Gift" button below to schedule your Youth Skills Assessment class today.

Why the Spring Hill Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Pool Aid recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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This is by far the best BJJ gym in the surrounding area! Daniel is very knowledgeable and has a very clear understanding how to teach everyone, from beginner to expert(children and adults). I am hesitant to leave reviews as things usually change from the 1st experience you have at a new place (usually for the worse), but after an entire year, I feel comfortable leaving a review. My son and myself have learned more than ever anticipated after attending Gracie Spring Hill over the past year. I am very thankful we found Gracie Spring Hill, and especially thankful for all Daniel's help. I would recommend Gracie Spring Hill for any child or adult wanting to learn or even try any MMA, striking classes, or jujitsu. My son and I give them 4 thumbs up!! Keep up the great work!!

Danny Stover recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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I absolutely love Professor Dan and coach Nick! Excellent with kids! My grandson has been attending class 3 times a week for the last 6-7 months and absolutely LOVES IT!!! Btw, he has really gotten good at Jiu-jitsu too! I highly recommend it!

Renia Carsillo recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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My two teenage sons and I just recently joined the BJJ program and are really enjoying it! None of us have any experience with martial arts and we were pretty intimidated the first time we went but found the place and the staff to be welcoming, helpful, and considerate. Highly recommend!

Patrick Smith recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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Gracie spring Hill has been an awesome place to learn and train Brazilian jiu jitsu with my family. We started brand new in May, and from the beginning everyone was helpful and inviting, and the atmosphere one of camaraderie. Coach Daniel is a great instructor who really goes the extra mile for his students, if you're looking to learn BJJ you won't go wrong here.

Marked In Black recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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My son has been training here over 2 years and loves every minute of it. Daniel is an excellent instructor and his assistant coaches know how to teach both kids and adults. My son’s progress from a few years ago to now is like night and day. His confidence is way up and he also helps new students however he can, proof that Gracie Spring Hill instills good values of sportsmanship and teamwork. They are more like a family here than just a martial arts gym, where everyone is accepted and appreciated for being a part of it.

There are no attitudes here and everyone wants to see everyone progress and get better. Getting better only helps everyone around you get better as skill levels rise. Whether you are brand new or an experienced grappler, everyone is treated with respect and there is always something new to learn to better oneself both as a martial artist and a person in general.

Alisha Wilson recommends Gracie Spring Hill

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I love going to Gracie SpringHill with my family. All of the parents sit together to watch their Ninjas train and to cheer them on. You would be surprised how proficient some of these kids are with their jujitsu.
I’ve also noticed such a positive difference in my boys since signing them up for jujitsu. They are more well behaved and respectful than ever. Jujitsu is now a MUST!
If you haven’t been to a class your really missing out.

Program & Pricing FAQs

What's the catch?

We believe in providing value-first and letting your experience with us do the selling for us. We hope that you get enough value from the 2 weeks of assessment class that whenever you're ready to take the next step, whether that be now or in the future, you'd consider us. Sounds fair?

Why are you doing this?

Because we understand that every child and everyone learn and develope skills differently. Each with their strength, weakness, and unique challenges. Our 2-week skills assessment class gives us a chance to learn about your child and you a chance to experience our program risk-free.

My child isn't athletic. Can he/she still participate in martial arts?

Absolutely. Mixed Martial Arts teaches kids to be coordinated, flexible and strong. Kids who don't naturally have these qualities develop them. Kids who do have these qualities develop them even more.

Are these Mixed Martial Arts classes fun?

Yes! After all, these are children we're dealing with here. And kids love their fun. We do a variety of games and activities that have kids laughing and smiling. We work hard here - but we play just as hard.

Can Mixed Martial Arts cause injury?

Because we place such a huge focus on safety and injury prevention, we're proud to say that injuries are very few and far between with our program. In fact, because Mixed Martial Arts gets you in great shape, and makes you strong and flexible, people often see LESS injuries in their lives.

Do you have to be in good shape to take Mixed Martial Arts?

Not at all! In fact, many people use martial arts as a way to get in good shape. They come to us out of shape, and quickly become athletic and limber.

Is Mixed Martial Arts violent?

No! Because self-defense technique is taught in Mixed Martial Arts, it's often thought of as violent. However, the philosophies behind Mixed Martial Arts revolve around peace and harmony. The moves are more of a way to become connected with your body. We teach diplomacy and friendship. However, if a violent situation ever arises in your life, you'll have powerful tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.

What's a good age for a child to start Mixed Martial Arts?

Honestly, practically every age is a good age to start! We have young children, as well as teenagers. We also have specific programs for adults. So no matter what age - we've got you covered.

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